HF Long Wire Antenna Codan 403

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HF Long Wire Antenna Codan 403

HF Long Wire Antenna CODAN 403 The HF Long Wire Antenna may be used for either temporary or permanent fixed station installations, and is suitable for multi frequency operation with most transceiver systems with a CODAN 9103 antenna tuner.

Key features

Multi frequency operation

When coupled to the CODAN 9103 antenna tuner, the 403 antenna will operate on any channel frequency in the 2–30 MHz HF band.

Easy to install

It is ideal for field crews who require an antenna that can be quickly and easily erected at temporary camp sites and similar locations. It may also be used in permanent installations where space is limited.

The CODAN 403 is supplied as a kit for installation and includes halyards, pulley, earth wire and strap, and a complete set of installation instructions.

Technical specifications

Antenna length

Approximately 20 m

Material PVC coated multistranded steel wire
Recommended height 12 m at the high end

HF Long Wire Antenna Codan 403