HF Broadband Vertically Polarised Log Periodic Antenna

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HF Broadband Vertically Polarised Log Periodic Antenna

Models: AT VLP-2-28, AT VLP-2.7-28 and AT VLP-4-28
HF Log Periodic Antenna
Our HF Broadband Vertical Log Periodics are almost 100% efficient and are short to medium range antennas. The design concentrates radiation vertically at the higher (overhead) radiation angles making it suitable for short range NVIS HF communications (0-300kms) and for medium range transmissions.

The high angles of radiation make the antennas very suitable for ground to air communications. In the horizontal plane the antenna is essentially omni-directional.

No resistive terminations are used so the radiation efficiency is very high.

A single tower supports the antenna and no additional stub masts are needed. Compared with other large HF Broadband antennas the area of land required for installation is small.

The antenna is suitable to mount on a wide range of commercially available guyed triangular lattice towers.

Power ratings are available from 100 watts CW to 10 kilowatts CW
  AT VLP-2-28 AT VLP-2.7-28 AT VLP-4-28
Frequency: 2-28 MHz 2.7-28 MHz 4-28 MHz
Gain: Dependant on frequency, Nominal 3.5 - 6.5 dBi
VSWR Nominal: 2.2:1 2:1 2:1
Azimuth Pattern: essentially omnidirectional (circular)
Polarisation: - - - Vertical - - - -
Power Rating : 250 watt CW (1 kW PEP) 1 Kilowatt CW (4 kW PEP) and 10 Kilowatt CW (40 kW PEP) models available;
Please Specify when ordering (other power ratings available on request)
Input Impedance: - - - 50 ohms - - - -
Input connection: Dependant on power rating, 250 watt CW
1 Kilowatt
10 Kilowatt
N type female
CW N type female
CW 1-5/8" EIA Flange
Mechanical Mast Height:
Mast Height: 38m 30m 18m
Installation Area (to Guys): 95m x 95m 54m x 54m 45m x 45m
Wind Rating - - - 180 km/hr (50m/s) - -
All metal materials are of high grade stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel.
Ceramic insulators used throughout.
Radioation Log Periodic Antenna 3 Mhz 10 Mhz 20 Mhz

HF Log Periodic Antenna - Vertical Polarisation - NVIS