AT DVIS - ACU - Advance Crew Unit

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AT DVIS - ACU - Advance Crew Unit

DVIS ACU Advance Crew Unit Military IntercomUsing easy to read LCD display and multifunctional buttons, the Advance Crew Unit (ACU) is designed for the vehicle Commander in mind, or for anyone who requires the expanded user interface. With the ACU, the Commander is able to setup and manage the use of the intercom system and the radio equipment among all other crew members. Requests for external communication, whether incoming or outgoing, between the crew and the outside may be authorized by the ACU. This authorization may be for using telephone, field telephone, outside network, or radios in the vehicle. Warning alerts and error alarms are also clearly indicated in the ACU. At the heart of the ACU is a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) module that controls its functions, and features Dynamic Noise Reduction and VOX activation, making voice clearer and more reliable.

AT DVIS - ACU - Advance Crew Unit - Military Intercom

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