AT DVIS - Digital Vehicle Intercom System

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AT DVIS - Digital Vehicle Intercom System

Digital Vehicle Intercom System For Armored Vehicle

The DVIS is a modern digital intercom system for wide variety of platforms ranging from light transport to heavy armored vehicles. It replaces the conventional analog systems with latest networking and digital technologies. The system itself is designed as a Local Area Network (LAN) and employs VOIP technology. So in addition to the high quality voice communication, it also provides data capability reliably. The system has a modular design that allows a high level of flexibility and cost-saving when increasing the number of users or when integrating additional equipment. The main control unit, called the Central Multimedia Unit (CMU), may be connected to WAN thereby bolstering the functionality of the communications through a gateway.


  • Ease of Use
  • LCD Display and Intuitive Controls
  • Superior Voice Clarity
  • Increased Functionality with Reliable Data Capability
  • Built-in Noise Cancellation (FFNS)
  • Active Noise Reduction Headsets
  • Cost Effective, Scalable and Flexible for Different Platforms
  • Real-time BIT and Automatic Fault Monitoring
  • Redundancy as proven by Ring-type architecture

Optional Equipment for DVIS

  • Data Modem Unit (DMU)
  • Voice Recording Unit (VRU)
  • LAN Gateway Controller (GWC)
  • Tactical C4I (TCC)
  • Low-band VHF Radios (HT-78)

Sample Configuration for 4 persons in a vehicle with slip-ring

DVIS Configuration Military Intercom 4 persons

Sample Configuration for JO Project

Military Intercom System Armored Vehicle

AT DVIS - Digital Vehicle Intercom System - Armored Vehicle