AT DVIS - CMU - Central Multimedia Unit

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AT DVIS - CMU - Central Multimedia Unit

AT DVIS CMUAs the core of the DVIS, the Central Multimedia Unit (CMU) is the base of the internal LAN that controls the connections to the other modules and equipment. Aside from the two Ethernet ports that form the internal ring-type connections, the CMU has another interface for use when connecting to other WAN/LAN (optional LAN Gateway Controller required). Designed for today’s tactical communication needs, the CMU’s application may be programmed according to the vehicle type and the functional requirements of each platform. It can be easily updated and with minimal cost as the needs of the vehicle change in the future. Power supply of the entire intercom system emanates from the CMU and is distributed to each of the devices within the intercom system.

Electrical Specifications

  • Input voltage: 24 VDC
  • Over voltage protect:
  • 28-30 VDC (preset at 28.8 VDC)
  • Power consumption(@24V): <= 22 watt
  • Current consumption(@24V): <= 1 amp
  • Min. operation voltage (continuous): 16VDC
  • Min. operation voltage (transient, 30 sec.): 11VDC
  • Regulated output: (a) 24 V+-0.5 V (including ripple) (b) 3.6 +- 0.15 V (including ripple)


  • Size: 268mm x 190mm x 90.75mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 3.3 kg

Main Network Interface

  • Network speed: 10 Mbps
  • Transmission type: Full duplex mode
  • Cable Impedance: 100 ohm Encoding: Manchester Phase Encoding
  • Power conduct: Separated from Signal Signal couple: Tx/Rx 1:1 transformer
  • Cable type: Crossover type cable

CMU Connections

CMU Central Multimedia Unit Port Connections

AT DVIS - CMU - Central Multimedia Unit