AT DVIS - EFT – Extended Field Telephone

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AT DVIS - EFT – Extended Field Telephone

The Extended Field Telephone (EFT) box allows the crew inside the vehicle to talk to people outside. When permitted by the Commander (via ACU), it also allows the people outside to use radios that are connected to the intercom system. A handset H-189 connects directly to the EFT. In place of the handset, an external field telephone or a field PBX may be connected.

DVIS Military Intercom Field Telephone

Field Telephone Interface

Coupler type: 1:1 transformer
Input/output impedance: 600 ohm
Ring input voltage: 90Vpp
Ring output voltage: 50 +- 5Vrms (Ref.)
Output signal voltage: 0.4 Vrms, Max
Lighting protection: 100 V min.
Distortion: < 5%
Size: 135mm x 135.6mm x 63mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.89kg

AT Digital Vehicle Intercom System Signal

Alarm/Audio interface (Tail Light)

Input channel: 3 channels
Input impedance: 150 ohm
Input signal strength: 25/45/450 mVrms
Size: 95mm x 160mm x 38mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.47kg



AT DVIS - EFT – Extended Field Telephone - Military Intercom System