AT RF20M MultiBand Mobile Package

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AT RF20M MultiBand Mobile Package

AT RF20M  MultiBand Mobile Package Package consists of AT RF20 ECCM handheld transceiver, AT MA1302 vehicle accessory and other accessories. The package is designed to be used in wheeled vehicles and with an external antenna located on the vehicle hood. The mobile package enables power supply from 12 V or 27 V on-board mains. AT  RF20 transceiver with improved resistance to electronic warfare is designated for use at the lowest tactical command levels for all kinds of military units. Depending on the type of selected frequency band, the transceiver is able to communicate with transceivers operating in SW band with frequency modulation of AT R150 radio system, AT RF13 and AT RF20 VHF transceivers, and with airborne transceivers in Aircraft band I. MA1302 vehicle accessory supplies AT RF20 transceiver and charges its battery pack.

Multi Band Military Tactical Mobile Transceiver


  • ECCM handheld transceiver AT RF20
  • Vehicle support AT MA1302  
  • Battery pack LP1302
  • Vehicle whip antenna MO13.50
  • Handheld microphone/speaker RM1301
  • Power supply cable

Optional accessories

  • Double charger set ND1301
  • Universal charger set NU1302
  • Mobile charger set NM1302
  • Standard charger adapter set NS1301
  • Trickle charger adapter NK1301
  • Trickle charger set NK13
  • Vehicle whip antenna with magnetic holder MO13.51
  • Short tape antenna 0.5 m AS1301
  • Long tape antenna 1.1 m AL1301
  • Fill gun set PK20
  • Transceiver bag
  • Battery pack bag
  • Testing device adapter set KZ1301
  • Testing device set KZ13
  • Antenna cable (3 m)
  • Antenna cable (10 m)
  • Data cable
  • Data cable
  • RF headsets
  • HS headsets

AT RF20M MultiBand Mobile Package