Barrett PRC-4080 VHF SDR Tactical Transceiver

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Barrett PRC-4080 VHF SDR Tactical Transceiver

The Barrett PRC-4080 30–175 MHz VHF transceiver is designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications. It is an extremely compact and lightweight unit which is simple to operate in demanding mission critical conditions. The PRC-4080 is part of the Barrett family of transceivers that are field proven in over 150 countries, on every continent and in all environments.Barrett PRC-4080 VHF SDR Tactical Transceiver

30-175 MHz Software Defined Transceiver
Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Lightweight compact modular design
Selective and group calling
IP67 - Fully immersible to 1m

5 W Hand Portable
25 W Manpack
50 W Mobile
50 W Base Station
50W Re-broadcast system

Control handset option for higher level control operation with augmented, high speed data, email, and messaging capabilities
Secure Digital Voice
AES 256 & DES 56 Encryption levels
Secure messaging with encryption
Frequency hopping
GPS Push position distribution

Barrett PRC-4080 VHF SDR Tactical transceiver - Specifications

General Specifications
Frequency Range 30 MHz to 175 MHz
Supported Modulations FM Narrowband (variable bandwidth)
FM Broadband (variable bandwidth)
Digital modulation
Channel Spacing 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 12.5KHz, 25KHz
Frequency Stability ±0.1PPM with GPS Sync over temperature range of-30°C to +70°C
±0.5PPM Unsynchronised over temperature range of-30°C to +70°C
Baseband Freq Range 125 kHz bandwidth (I and Q channels at 192 kHzCodec sample rate)


RF Receiver
Sensitivity -116 dBm for 12 dB SINAD – FM Mode
-103 dBm for 10 dB SINAD – AM Mode
IF Rejection N/A (direct conversion)
Image Rejection N/A (direct conversion)
Receive Audio Distortion < 10% at rated audio power
RX Intermodulation Rejection TBA
Line Out/In 600 Ohm Audio compatible
Squelch 150 Hz Tone or carrier; compatible with AN /PRC77, PRC1077, PRC1080 Selectable tone, noise, digital (CDCSS, CTCSS)
Audio Response +1 dB to -3 dB


RF Transmitter
Power Output 5W / 2.5W / 1W / 0.5W PEP +/- 1dB (Hand Portable)
25W PEP +/- 1dB (Manpack / Mobile / Base Station)
50W PEP +/- 1dB (Mobile / Base Station / Re-Broadcast)
Duty Cycle Continuous service, all modes
Audio Response +1dB to -3dB (TIA-603D)
Harmonic Suppression >45 dB (Typical)
Spurious Emission >45 dB (Typical)
Adjacent Channel Power Ratio >45 dB
Deviation  ±3 kHz ~ ±7 kHz factory set


Power Supply
Supply Voltage Handheld 9.6 – 12.6 V (Battery Voltage range)
Power Consumption RX: 300 mA design target
TX (5 W): 1.2 A design target
Supply Endurance > 16 hrs (9:1 RX/TX ratio)


Barrett PRC-4080 Military tactical radio sizes Front panel

Barrett PRC-4080-VHF-SDR Tactical radio views

Mechanical Specifications
Weight 1.0 kg (Including Battery)
Material Diecast Aluminium
Plastic (PC/ABS) control handset
Colour/styling NATO Green body with Black Battery

Radio Features
GPS Functionality  Built-in GPS with external SMA antenna position distribution waveform, position distribution simultaneously and transparently together with digital voice
Selective calling Simple mode for a single radio ID
Expanded mode to allow for multiple Selcall IDs
(Programming software setup)
Frequency Hopping Minimum > 100 – 300 hops per second
Mute/Squelch 150 Hz tone or noise activated
Syllabic Voice Detection
CTCSS and RF level
Whisper Mode Selectable through radio menu
Contact Capacity 500 contacts
Multiple Language Support Multiple languages selectable through front screen
(English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic,
Software upgrades allow additional languages)
Digital Voice 600 – 2400 bps TWELP/MELPe
Data Modem Option 128 kbps in 25 kHz*
16 kbps in 3.125 kHz*
(* audio bandwidth selectable)
Encryption DES-56 & AES-256 data and voice encryption
OTAR Over-The-Air-Re-keying
Zeroise / Over Air Transceiver Lock /
Transceiver Kill
Multiple levels of erase, lock and zeroise

User Interfaces
User input Two rotary switches:
· Off/On/Volume/Zeroise
· Menu navigation/mode/chan select
Front keypad: 10 button keypad:
· 3 function buttons
· 5 button directional pad with centre button
· 2 additional buttons
Side buttons:
· Up/ Down/ PTT 1/ PTT 2
Display LCD size: 2.7” Transflective Colour TFT LCD display
Audio Internal Speaker - Internal Microphone


Barrett PRC-4080 Headset and remotePRC-4080-2PRC-4080-3



External Interfaces
Handset/Headset Connector U-283/U 6 pin Mil connector to connect H250
Handset or Headset
VHF Antenna Port TNC antenna mounting connector
GPS Antenna Port SMA connector to suit Radio mounted antenna or external SMA cabled antenna
Smart Handset Connector ODU connector
Side Hot-shoe Connector 21 pin hot-shoe connector to connect to:
· High Assurance Module
· USB device
· USB Host
· Ethernet
· Re-bro system
· HF Cross-gate

HF / VHF Interoperation Mode Direct connection to 4090/4050 HF system (Crossgate capability)
Remote Control Remote control and programming over IP ethernet or USB connection
IP Network Support Via ethernet interface. Allows for remote control, programming, and IP audio

Standards and compliance  MIL-STD 461 (EMC)
MIL-STD 810H (IP67, shock and vibration test methods)
ETSI EN 300 086: Transmitter and Receiver characteristics
ACMA requirements
FCC requirements
(Part 90)


Specifications are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.


Barrrett, VHF Tactical Radio, PRC 4080