AT RM20 Handset With Control

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AT RM20 Handset With Control

AT RM20 Handset With Control

The handset with control is intended to control AT RF20 transceiver. Besides the basic functions of radio channel monitoring, transceiver keying and voice modulation, it features channel selection and step volume change. The device includes a two-row LCD display (2 x 8 characters), which displays channel number, frequency and network name. It also shows other incoming events, such as received FLASH, ALERT and short text messages. The AT RM20 is equipped with two keys on the side - PTT and tone signaling. The front side features an LCD display and two function keys underneath it. The speaker grid is located above the display. RM20 is linked with the transceiver with a spiral cord that comes out of the bottom section and is terminated with a standard audio-frequency ten-pin connector. The connector is connected to the appropriate transceiver AF connector. The AT RM20 design makes it waterproof to 1 m and resistant to falls.

Technical parameters

Supply voltage 5.5V to 15V
Maximum power

0.1 W

Maximum power with active display backlight 0.5 W
Type of communication protocol PRC20
Parameters of asynchronous communication line asynchronous, 57600 Bd
Maximum connecting cable length 2 m
Modulation voltage to the transceiver 100 mV/2 kΩ
Speaker impedance 8 Ω
Tone signaling frequency (1000 ± 200) Hz
Weight 0.3 kg
Operating temperature -30°C to +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C

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