AT PRC-3088 Tactical VHF Handheld Transceiver

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AT PRC-3088 Tactical VHF Handheld Transceiver

VHF Military Radio PRC-3088 VHF Military Transceiver PRC-3088


AT PRC-3088 series transceivers are available in two modifications in analoque and digital.AT PRC-3088 is analog radio and AT PRC-3088D is Digital radio with recording/playing function.

AT PRC-3088 VHF Handheld Transceiver is modern tactical radio designed for military environments. The AT PRC-3088 is fully compatible with legacy VHF radios such as the AN/PRC-77 or AN/VRC-12. It provides reliable voice and data communications over the entire military band of 30 to 88MHz in 12 or 25KHz steps. The AT PRC-3088 is capable of communicating in voice and data modes and is able to secure communications with an in-built scrambler. The AT PRC-3088 has selectable tone signaling and contains 3 scanning options. The AT PRC-3088 has passed independent environmental testing to Mil-Std 810 and to Mil-Std-461C to assure reliability and durability.

AT PRC-3088D is the latest genaration VHF handheld radio (Analog/Digital Dual Mode) developed in 2005 for tactical environments. It is fully compatible with the old generation radios (in Analog mode) such as AN/PRC-77 or AN/VRC-12 but it provide more reliable services meets MIL-STD requirements and strict envirimental standards.

The AT PRC-3088 series transceivers delivers low cost of ownership, and meet the most demanding user requirements. The AT PRC-3088 is backed by worldwide warranty support.


VHF Military Transceiver PRC 3088 VHF Spread Spectrum Radio PRC 3088
VHF Military Tactical Radio PRC-3088


VHF Combat Radio

Full Military Band
The AT PRC-3088 offers handheld tactical communications in the full military frequency range of 30-88MHz. There are 2321 available channels with 25KHz steps as well as optional 12KHz step mode offering a total of 4642 available channels

Programmable Channels
Up to 10 channels are can be programmed in to memory. This includes tone, output power and scrambler settingsindividually programmable for each channel.

CTCSS and DCS Tone Signalling
In addition to 150Hz tone signalling there is a built in 38 CTCSS (Continuous Tone Code Squelch System) and 83 DCS (Digital Code Squelch) system available for communications group set up.

Built in flash for recording/playing function (only in PRC-3088D)
Recording is available both in analog and digital mode. Press "1" or "2" to go to play next or previous section. If the section is last one, it will go back to play the first section. The recording time of each section is approximately 1 minute.


Whisper Function
The AT PRC-3088 has a whisper mode which allows amplification of voice input for covert operation

Function Keypad
A convenient front panel keypad allows access to commonly used functions as well as advanced function menus. Frequency can be selected via direct frequency selection.

PC Connection
The AT PRC-3088 is an advanced data radio capable of communications between computers. An RS2323 connection is available between radio and computer.
Tactical VHF Military Handheld Radio PRC 3088
VHF Radio Military Troops PRC 3088
Special Forces VHF Radio



Encrypted VHF Transceiver Built in Dynamic Antenna Matching Circuit
Enables various antenna lengths to be deployed on the AT PRC-3088 without tuning for each frequency.

Repeater Mode
The AT PRC-3088 can provide simple field configurable range extension using the repeater capability.
DSSS VHF Radio PRC 3088 Military VHF Repeater
Tactical Encrypted Spread Spectrum Radio PRC 3088 PC Programming
Radios can be conveniently programmed using a PC configuration software module.

LCD Backlight
A programmable LCD backlight is provided for night operations.



Secure VHF Radio PRC 3088 Encrypted Spread Spectrum Radio PRC 3088
PRC-3088 Scrambler



Optional Accessories

BP-5AA Battery Case: AA(R6) x 5 Alkaline Cells
BP-18L Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1850mA. 12Hour (1:1:8)
BP-21L Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 2150mA. 15Hour (1:1:8)
Accessories for Military Tactical Handheld Radio PRC 3088
Rapid Charger
BC-15 Charger and BA-15 Wall Adaptor. Rapid and Slow Charge.
BP-18L in 2 Hour Fast Charge and 5 Hours Slow Charge
Rapid Charger for Military Tactical Radio PRC 3088
External Speaker Microphone
SM-200WP Water proof speaker microphone
Waterproof Speaker Microphone for Military Tactical Radio PRC 3088
Optional Antenna
AT3090LW 80cm Flexible Whip Antenna 30-88MHz
AT3090SW 70cm Flexible Whip Antenna 30-88MHz
AT3090SSW 45cm Flexible Whip Antenna 30-88MHZ
VHF Tactical Radio Antennas
Multi-Function Carry Case
Helps protect the PRC-3088 from scratches, grime and water
Carry Case for Military Tactical Radio PRC 3088


Technichal Specification



Frequency coverage 30.000-88.000 (full range) RF output power 0.5-1.5 Watt, with APC
Channel spacing 25KHz / 12.5KHz (Option) Modulation system Variable reactance frequency modulation
Number of channels 2321 74642 (12.5KHz) Max. permissible deviation ±5KHz / ±2.5KHz (12.5KHz)
Number of preset channels 10 Spurious emissions 63 dBc
Power supply requirements 7.4V DC (supplied battery pack Harmonic Radiations Better than 40 dBc (2nd)

Better than 55 dBc (4th and above]

Current drain (approx ) Standby

Less than 60mA (Power save model)

Less than 140mA (Normal mode)

RX (middle volume) Less than 250mA

TX (More than 1 Watt) Less than 800mA

Audio distortion 5% typical


Receive system Double-conversion superheterodyne
Built-in tone signaling 38 CTCSS, 83 DCS or 150Hz tone Intermediated frequencies 1st 130.05MHz, 2nd 450KHz
Built in modem 1200/2400bps MSK modem with FEC Sensitivity (l2dB SINAD 0.4uV (typical
Frequency error ±3ppm Squelch sensitivity IF 0.4uV (at threshold)
PC Interface RS232C/E IF Rejection Better than 65dB
Antenna port Built-in antenna matching network.

An extra SOD output provided

(For booster or testing use.)

Image Rejection Better than 70dB
Adjacent channel 60dB (typical)
Intermodulation 60dB (typical)
Protection against Over heat/current of PA Audio output power 250mW typical at 5% distortion with an16Ohm load

Mechanical and Environmental

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Dimensions (with BP-18L) 173 x 63 x 42.5 mm (H x W x D)  
AT PRC-3088 meets the MIL-STD requirements and strict standards as below
Standard MIL810C MIL 810D MIL810E

Proc. Melhod Proc. Method Proc.
Low Pressure 500.1 I 500.2 I 500.3 I
High Temp. 501 1 I 501.2 I. II 501 3 I. II
Low Temp. 502 1 I 502.2 I. II 502 3 I. II
Humidity 507.1 I. II 507.2 II. Ill 507.3 II, III
Salt Fog 509.1 I 509.2 I 509.3 I
Vibration 514.2 VIII 514.3 I 514.4 I
Immersion   512.3 I
Shock 516.3 IV 516.4 IV

PRC 3088  also meets RS03 of MIL-STD-461C .

Measurements made in accordance with TIA/EIA-603.

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation

Weight (approx.) 480g (with BP-18L)
Usable temperature range -30°Cto +65°C
Environmental per MIL-STD-810

High Temp, Low Temp, Low Pressure, Immersion, Humidity, Salt fog, Vibration & Drop 1 meter depth of water for 2 hours

Functionality of Military Handheld Radio PRC 3088 Display of VHF Military Radio PRC 3088
Display Panel
1. Transmitting Indicator. Indicates PTT is activated and transceiver is transmitting.
2. Receive Indicator. Indicates when receiving signal.
3. Battery capacity display : Indicates the battery capacity, blinks when battery poweris low
4. Scramble display : Indicates voice scrambler is on
5. Key lock : Indicates when key lock is enabled
6. Tone Mode : Indicates the tone signalling mode
7. Volume : Indicates volume level
8. Output power : Indicates output power (high or low)
9. Data : Indicates data is transmitting
10. Channel space : Indicates the channel space (default value is 25KHz)
11. Frequency : Indicates frequency
12. Channel storage : Indicates the stored channel number

 AT PRC 3088 User Guide




AT PRC-3088 Tactical VHF Handheld Radio - Military Transceiver