AT RF23 EPM Handheld Transceiver

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AT RF23 EPM Handheld Transceiver

AT RF23 EPM Handheld Transceiver

An EPM handheld multiband transceiver with enhanced resistance to radio-electronic warfare designed for tactical command level for all military branches. The AT RF23 complements the AT RF20 radio system and is therefore fully compatible with all transceivers of this system in terms of voice and data communication. It differs from the AT RF20 handheld transceiver in particular by its connectivity to standardized accessories used by other radio manufacturers - antennas and electro-acoustic sets. Using TNC-type antenna connector significantly expands the range of suitable antennas, including products by RADIALL and TRIVAL ANTENNE. Standardized audio-frequency electro-acoustic sets are connected with the U-229/U audio-frequency connector (according to MIL-DTL-55116). The connector can be connected to acoustic devices by SONETRONICS, CJ COMPONENT PRODUCTS, etc. AT RF23 transceiver offers new accessories and features, including built-in GPS receiver with automatic position reporting behind voice or data broadcast – the G-track system

Operating features

a) in all modes of operation
• automatic transceiver self-test after power-up with failure indication on the display (BITE);
• programming with operational data using PK23 fill gun set;
• emergency erasing of operational data in fixed frequency channels, including encryption unit codes and FH network data, including TRANSEC and COMSEC;
• tone dialing (1000 ± 200) Hz, in VHF III band (1750 ± 25) Hz;
• acoustic signaling turning on/off by the transceiver operator;
• enabling of the display and keypad illumination;
• display contrast setting;
• battery pack voltage signaling;
• transmitter power signaling on the display;
• "receive-only" operation with suppressed transmission;
• operation mode with increased modulator sensitivity and reduced AF power;
• automatic transition from increased power to nominal power in case of supply voltage drop;
• service information displaying - firmware;
• simple control;
• displaying of position, time and speed on LCD with updates from GPS;
• AF connector configuration;
• AF connector status monitoring;
• remote transceiver control via PRC20 protocol;
• easy dismantling of the GPS antenna and connecting of external antenna via SMA connector;
• can be used with modular carrier system bags.

b) when operating at fixed frequency
• up to 10 preset channels from the entire frequency range, number of preset channels decreased when occupied with FH networks;
• simplex or semi-duplex operation;
• 150 Hz subtone squelch or signal squelch (only signal squelch in VHF II);
• voice operation via built-in encryption unit compatible with RF13, RF20, RF2050 in VHF I;
• transmission and reception of short coded messages - FLASH with opposite transceiver identification;
• programming of radio channel parameters from the keypad;
• preset channel scanning;
• data transmission according to MIL-STD-188-220 (NET);
• operation frequency setting in 6.25 kHz, 8.33 kHz, 25 kHz or 1 MHz step;
• bandwidth for 16 kbit/s digital transmission of voice and data according to STANAG 4204, 2nd edition.

c) in FH mode
• up to 6 preset networks;
• operation in the 30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz frequency band;
• secure TRANSEC operation and encrypted COMSEC operation;
• compatible with RF20, RF2050 transceivers;
• selectable frequency hopping operating mode - FH, DFF, FCS, MIX and IFF with rapid transition to HLC/HLG or HLA;
• establishing of communication with transceivers in fixed frequency operation mode through HLC/HLG monitoring;
• 121.500 MHz (HLA) frequency monitoring and transition to HLA with suppressed transmission;
• late net entry with synchronization request;
• master transceiver switching according to the network situation;
• transmission of warning message to all network participants;
• mutual authentication;
• selective communication of MASTER with a selected SLAVE transceiver;
• send and receive short text messages with a maximum length of 156 characters;
• transmission over notification (BREAK IN) by all transceivers;
• INTERLEAVING switching off for close-to-the-limits communication;
• data transmission at adjustable rates – 7100 bit/s, 4800 bit/s and 2400 bit/s (P2P);
• data transmission according to MIL-STD-188-220 (NET);
• G-track, sending of position reports by radio channel.

Technical parameters



Frequency range 25.000 MHz to 145.9875 MHz
Nominal input/output impedance 50 Ω
Frequency ranges  
HF 25.000 MHz to 29.975 MHz
VHF I 30.000 MHz to 108.000 MHz
VHF II 117.975 MHz to 140.000 MHz
VHF III 140.025 MHz to 145.9875 MHz
Modulation type     
Channel spacing     
HF band 25 kHz
VHF I band 25 kHz; 12.5 kHz; 6.25 kHz
VHF II band 25 kHz; 8.33 kHz
VHF III band 25 kHz; 12.5 kHz
Number of operation channels at 25 kHz channel spacing     
HF 200
VHF I 3121
VHF II 882
Preset channels 10
Number of channels monitored in all special operation modes 3 (two selectable, third fixed – 121.500 MHz)
Maximum number of programmable networks 6
Nominal supply voltage 7.2 V
Limit supply voltage 6.5 V to 9.5 V
Frequency band with special operation modes 30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz
Types of special operation modes  
FH frequency hopping
DFF digital fixed frequency
FCS free channel search
MIX mixed operation FH and FCS
IFF iso-fixed frequency
Time to initial synchronization max. 5 s
Synchronization hold with transceiver off and battery pack attached min. 48 h
Transceiver synchronization hold with battery pack disconnected min. 50 s
Hopping rate 100 hops/s 
Transceiver current consumption  
- transmission (nominal power) 1.6 A
- transmission (reduced power) 0.65 A
- transmission (increased power) 3.2 A
- reception 0.2 A
- stand-by 0.18 A
Operation time (transmission [2 W] : reception : stand-by = 1:1:10)  
- with LP1302 min. 14 hours
- with LP20 min. 26 hours
Nominal power of FM transmitter 2 W
Nominal power of AM transmitter 1 W
Reduced power of FM transmitter 0.2 W
Reduced power of AM transmitter 0.1 W
Increased power of FM transmitter 5 W
Harmonics suppression min. 40 dB
Spurious suppression at mistuning > 25 kHz min. 60 dB
Sensitivity 0,5 μV at 12 dB SINAD
Non-linear distortion factor 10 %
Loudspeaker output power 200 mW/8 Ω
Audio bandwidth  
narrow band 300 Hz to 3 000 Hz
wide band 10 Hz to 11 000 Hz
Resistance to immersion to 1 m
Operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C
Transceiver dimensions with the battery pack LP1302 W 97 mm x H 217 mm x D 44 mm
Battery pack dimensions  
LP1302 W 77 mm x H 63 mm x D 41 mm
LP20 W 76 mm x H 95 mm x D 45 mm
Transceiver weight max. 0.85 kg
Battery pack weight  
LP1302 max. 0.30 kg
LP20 max. 0.45 kg
Service L1-SPS
Number of channels


Average ranges in medium undulating terrain at nominal power in FF and open voice operation  5 km with 1.1 m long tape antenna


  • Battery pack LP20 
  • 1.1 m long tape antenna
  • Transceiver bag 
  • Battery pack bag extended
  • Set bag
  • Battery pack LP1302
  • Battery holder PP20
  • Universal charger set NU1302
  • Mobile charger set NM1302
  • Small mains charger set PC20 
  • Handset with control RM23
  • Fill gun set PK23
  • Battery pack bag 
  • Data cable (USB)
  • Data cable (UART) 
  • CD for modem configuration


AT-RF23 - Military EPM Multiband Handheld - Handheld Radio Transceiver