AKRS - Radiosignal Analysis and Classification

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AKRS - Radiosignal Analysis and Classification


  • System for technical analysis of digitized radio signals
  • Signal measurement, processing, analysis and classification
  • On-line monitoring and recording of digital IF receiver signal
  • Off-line processing of signal recordings
  • Real time analysis of known-types of radio signals
  • Device and signal pattern database for analysis support
  • Modular system with chain-ordered analyzation tools

On-line channel monitoring and measurement

  • Setting of channel monitoring and recording parameters (frequency, bandwidth for IF panorama, IF record and receiver audio output, input
  • sensitivity, squelch level, length of measured signal, etc.)
  • Tuning of the receiver
  • Real-time spectral analysis with adjustable parameters (IF panorama)

AKRS Receiver Manager Module Window

Receiver manager module window

Off-line analysis and classification

  • Loading and importing of measured files (from on-line window of digital IF receivers or import of common wav files)
  • Selecting the area of interest (frequency vs. time)
  • Selected signal demodulation (amplitude, frequency, phase or quadrature demodulators)
  • Extracting of signal characteristics (carrier frequency, bandwith, symbolrate, histogram, eye pattern, IQ diagram, etc.)
  • Radio system classification based on pattern signal database

Spectral analysis and signal selection

  • Loading files with file info and measurement options
  • Automatic spectrogram or spectrum preview with adjustable parameters
  • Spectrum max-hold and average
  • Accumulated spectrum image
  • Markers for selection of interest signal
  • Manual or automatic input gain
  • Signal selection based on software defined receiver technology
  • Adjustable carrier frequency
  • Adjustable output bandwidth
  • Selectable resampling of output signal
  • Spectrogram and spectrum of output signal region
  • Full automatic or manual mode

Signal demodulation

  • Normalized amplitude envelope (in log scale) with lower and upper squelch levels
  • Time scope of demodulated signal
  • Time cursors for time interval or period measurement
  • Level cursors for modulating states deviation measurement
  • Filtering option for demodulated signal or amplitude envelope
  • Automatic burst detector and deburster
  • Data exporter for selected IF region output or demodulation output in standard wav format

Analysis tools

  • Automatic symbol rate detection (independent on modulation type, manual settings option for very noisy signals)
  • Symbol matrix: visualization of segmented demodulated signal in 2D matrix (i.e. visualize timeslots with synchronization or training sequences, visualize analog picture systems)
  • Histogram of demodulated signal (full time or short-time histogram waterfall)
  • Carrier frequency detection for PSK and QAM modulations (selectable frequency range and frequency/angle step, fully-automatic method independent on modulation type)
  • IQ diagram (phase and amplitude constellation scheme) for PSK and QAM modulations with adjustable carrier frequency and phase offset Eye-pattern diagram with adjustable symbol period and segment length
  • Export possibility for all graphic outputs of all analyzation tools

IQ Histogram Eye-pattern Diagram AKRSIQ diagram, Histogram and Eye-pattern diagram

Device and pattern database

  • Pattern creator tool for editing device and signal pattern parameters (i.e. frequency band, modulation type, modulation parameters etc.)
  • Signal pattern saved with analyzation tool chain and all setting parameters
  • Dual mode screen with actual and pattern analyzation chains
  • Pattern manager for viewing, using and editing database items (devices and patterns)
  • Database search according to parameters filter 
  • Two database support: server and local database with synchronizer tool
  • Local patterns – save analyzation tool chain to local store (without db server)

Incoming Signal Real-time AnalysisIncoming signal real-time analysis

Real-time analysis

  • Real-time processing of selected analyzation tools 
  • Sw receiver for modifying signal carrier and bandwidth with real-time input/output spectrograms
  • Real-time demodulation with live amplitude envelope and demodulated signal graphs with selectable time basis and synchronization
  • Real-time audio output
  • Real-time symbol matrix, histogram, IQ diagram and Eye-pattern diagram

Off-line Analysis Database AKRSOff-line analysis with signal pattern database

Other tools and possibilities

Data manager to administrate IF records in directory tree

AKRS Data Manager Window
Data manager window

AKRS - Radiosignal Analysis and Classification