IZ225 - Radio Receiver

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IZ225 - Radio Receiver

Complete wideband COMMS-ESM/COMINT tuner/digitizer (receiver) with high capacity raw data streaming and remote operation

  • Enables monitoring of wideband wireless signals in VHF/UHF bandsDigital Receiver Tuner VHF UHF Wideband
  • Search and detection of frequency agile systems (frequency hoppers) and short duration signal (RCIED triggers)
  • Easy to upgrade and change configuration 
  • Wideband real time interception with high capacity of recording of the digitized IQ data
  • Based on Software Defi ned Radio (SDR) architecture
  • Equipped by sophisticated spectrum control software SPECON (Fig. 1, Fig. 2) and radiosignal analysis and classification software AKRS


IZ225 Wideband Digital Receiver

IZ225 - COMINT/COMMS-ESM Radio Receiver