INCREMO - Recording and Information System

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INCREMO - Recording and Information System

High-tech recording and information system (INCREMO) is intended for security unit’s vehicles of the Police, Military Police, City Police, Customs Administration and more.
INCREMO is very efficient tool for getting complex information important for the service performance using user-friendly system.
It provides text information about people and cars and video intel from the vehicle surroundings.

Main advantages

  • Monitoring and recording of the video intel around from the vehicle surroundings which is helpful as an evidence material
  • Detection and recording of the radio warning system mode in to the video record
  • Very easy route planning for the driver by integrated GPS navigation system
  • Possibility of the remote access into the user databases (i.e. screen persons and vehicles)
  • Important support for Command and Control (C2) process of the assets by connection to the operation post
  • Integrated module for journey log (optional)

INCREMO Installation includes

There are two variants of the system available

    Front and rear camera, video recorder, POE switch, GPS, PCcar, touch screen monitor (tablet is optional), system wiring and REDBAC V software application
  • INCREMO Light
    Front and rear camera, video recorder, POE switch, GPS, system wiring

Incremo Installation Camera GPS

Incremo Installation Camera

Optional modules

  • Special camera and software for the car registration plates recognition
  • WiFi/LTE communication module
  • Personal Identification cards reader
  • Vehicle operation tracking module
  • Command and Control software C2AP
  • Automated Vehicle Localization software MOBILITY
  • Personal video recorders

Incremo Installation Optional modules

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INCREMO - Recording and Information System