emSENSOR - Passive detection system

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emSENSOR - Passive detection system

emSENSOR is used as a detection system to alert to unauthorized entry or transit of wheeled and tracked vehicles

How the emSENSOR will help you?

  • Protection of areas, buildings and roads
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Supporting the security of borders and perimeters
  • Sending SMS message alert on:
    • Creation of illegal dumps
    • Unauthorized movement of the vehicles
    • Theft of fishes from breeding ponds
    • Theft of hives or cultivated crops
    • Threats to drinking water sources
    • Vandalism in nature parklands

Main advantages

  • The emSENSOR system is sensitive to the motion of objects made of ferromagnetic materials (metals attracting magnet)
  • Sends alert SMS message in case of unauthorized entry of vehicles to guarded area
  • Vehicle or truck detection distance is up to 6 meters
  • Sensitivity of the system can be adjusted as required (bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle, tractor)
  • System is protected against the false alarm and intentional taking out of service
  • Alert message could be send to the multiple of selected phone numbers
  • Allow to activate a hidden phototraps by predefined message
  • emSENSOR activity and warnings could be localized by the map software on PC or tablet

 Operational characteristics

  • Very easy installation, simply unfold emSENSOR and turn on
  • Hidden installation – the system is hidden under the ground
  • Easy to handle allowing easy relocation of the system as needed
  • The magnetic sensors are resistant to Truck tire cross over
  • System is powered by long-life batteries 6 V - 12 V
  • Battery operation time - up to 5 months
  • Operating temperature of -30 °C to +50 °C, water resistant

emSENSOR includes

  • Magnetic sensors (8 pcs)
  • Control unit
  • External power supply (battery)

There are two ways of installation

The line sensors arrangement

  • System evaluates the direction of vehicles movement in the direction of the sensors placement
  • Sensors installation along the road

emSENSOR The line sensors arrangement

The parallel sensors arrangement

  • System evaluates the direction of vehicles movement in the perpendicular direction to the two line sensors placement
  • Transverse sensors installation in the roadway, for example in two drainage ditch

emSENSOR The parallel sensors arrangement

Messaging via mobile devices 

emSENSOR Mobile AlertSystem uses SMS messages

  • Setting the system via SMS
  • Forward messages to the user‘s phone number
  • Messaging to activating of the phototrap
  • Forward messages to a monitoring center
  • Messages system diagnostics
  • Pre-prepared reports:
    • ALARM
    • LEFT
    • RIGHT
    • TAMPER


The system is ready to adapt to user’s requirements according to the final use


emSENSOR - Passive detection system of wheeled and tracked vehicles