POLIS - Police Command, Control and Operation System

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POLIS - Police Command, Control and Operation System

POLIS (POLice Integrated Solution) is a comprehensive and modular solution for the management and performance of state, military and municipal police forces and other Integrated Rescue System units


  • Operational management application C2AP
  • Integrated localization system MOBILITY
  • Intervention vehicle system INCREMO
  • Performance of service support application REDBAC P/D/V
  • Personal tracking and localization system pTRACK
  • Localization video player application VIDEOMAN
  • Passive detection system emSENSOR
  • Personal camera for security forces PPC 0x
  • Thermovision camera for security forces Tx ARMY
  • TETRAPOL data transmission control application PEGAS Data
  • Open integration platform for connecting of POLIS and existing user applications CHIEPMAN
  • Other services for securing data communication, access to user databases and registers and supervision over the entire system

Effective Intervention Management

POLIS Applications Intercoonection SchemeApplications Intercoonection Scheme

Basic Functions

  • Connecting of system functions to a customer’s organizational structure
  • Police attendance and interventions management
  • Management and creation of operative groups by authorized users
  • Management of centrally collected localization data of powers and means, including localization systems from third parties
  • Management of field video recordings and video transmissions
  • Playback of video recordings simultaneously displaying the time and location of their acquisition over a digital map of the terrain
  • Automatic licence plate recognition
  • Access to data from the user databases/registers and their data processing
  • Integrated navigation system
  • Data communication between authorized users (chat)
  • Online/offline visualization of selected information and objects (depending on authorization) over a digital map of the terrain with 3D support
  • Wheeled and tracked vehicle movement detection
  • Archiving acquired information and data (e.g. video recordings, vehicle status, travel routes and other details)
  • Search for video recordings from a given location at a defined time


  • Automation of operational procedures
  • Improvement in the coordination and control of police forces (dispatching)
  • Perfect overview of available powers and means, including their localization
  • More effective supervision and evaluation of interventions and search operations
  • On-line screening of persons/vehicles in relevant registers and databases with the evaluation of persons/vehicles being searched for
  • Making video recordings from the course of measures during emergency situations with time and location indicators
  • Searching for video recordings from crime scene for the better detection of crimes
  • Detection of unauthorized entry or passage of vehicles in controlled areas

Basic Parameters

  • Possibility of configuration according to the user’s organizational structure
  • Modularity and scalability according to the user’s requirements
  • Supported radio networks: GSM/TETRAPOL 
  • Supported operating systems: Linux, MS Windows 7-10, Android

POLIS - Police Command, Control and Operation System