pTRACK-III - Tracking and Localization System

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pTRACK-III - Tracking and Localization System

pTRACK III. generation is a tracking and localization system.

When to use system pTRACK III. generation?

Localization of searching or rescue teams and vehicles during the crisis operation:

  • Searching for lost persons
  • Search for people after avalanche
  • Rescue operations during the nature disasters
  • Searching operations after the plane crash
  • UXO, explosives and dangerous objects cleaning operations
  • Evidence material searching and localization

Main advantages

  • Informs about the team movements and history of the objects position, directly on the map application for very easy commanding and debriefing of the searching operation
  • Provides a clear information about already searched out area
  • Ensures two-way transmission of the warning signal between the command post and the searching team
  • MESH network retransmits the interconnection between team members and team leader in rough terrain
  • Uses the free map layers formats such Google Maps, OpenStreetMap or maps user-specified
  • All data are saved on USB Flash Disk in case of the lost connection
  • The system is fully ruggedized for any weather condition application

Consist of

  • 1x recharging unit
  • 10x localization module
  • 1x communication and integration module
  • 2x removing memory module (USB Flash Disk)
  • Software pTRACK III. generation

Modules application

  • Communication and Integration module – KIM
    • Team Leader
  • Localization module – LOM
    • Team members (max. 10)
  • SW pTRACK III. generation
    • Command post

Scheme of pTRACK III. generation system applicationScheme of pTRACK III. generation system application

Software pTRACK III. generation
Software pTRACK III. generation

Optional modules

  • Bluetooth – connection between KIM and PDA
  • PEGAS (TETRAPOL) – connection between KIM and command post
  • Radio connection P2P between KIM and command post
  • Additional AKU (battery) modules
  • GNSS - 2s reloading interval for position data
  • Command post unit in ruggedized PELI case
  • Easy searching set (1x KIM, 2x LOM, recharging unit) for small areas searching or for canine officer
  • Intervention set (5x special designed module KIM, recharging unit) for tactical operations, if there is a small team in wide area coordination requirements

pTRACK-III - Tracking and Localization System