SPECON - Spectrum Control SW

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SPECON - Spectrum Control SW


  • SW intended for frequency monitoring and searching new radio signal sources in HF, VHF and UHF frequency ranges
  • Provides the possibility to control a lot of modern searching and monitoring receivers (e.g. IZ 225)
  • Setting the basic receiver parameters
  • Monitoring of one certain frequency with level measurement of monitored signals with graphics presentation
  • Storage of measured levels with time stamp, operator's text notes, GPS position and antenna's direction to binary fi le (can be converted to text file suitable for spreadsheet)
  • Audio recording receiver output synchronized with measurement
  • Level triggered saving and audio recording
  • Operating system – MS Windows family

Presentation of Measurement Results

  • Simple level indicator (FFMod GUI)
  • Time versus level (dBmV/dBmW)
  • Frequencies (memories) versus level (dBmV/dBmW)
  • Frequencies (memories) versus time (waterfall)
  • Spreadsheet and text files

Receiver Data Interface Support

  • RS 232
  • LAN
  • IEEE 488

IF spectrum presentation IFPanFig. 1: IF spectrum presentation (IFPan)


  • Monitoring of signals stored in receiver memory, (MScan GUI) number of monitored memories depend on receiver
  • Searching for new signal sources in chosen bands (FScan GUI) up to 50 bands
  • IF spectrum presentation (IFPan GUI)
  • On-line switching between searching modes and fixed frequency
  • Storing all measurements into binary file and replay, possibility of graphs generation
  • Averaging of stored values
  • Zooming for FScan and MScan
  • DIGIScan presentation (wide band panorama scan with ability of frequency agile signal recognition)
  • Possibility of handoff direction finding or support of direction finders with results presentation in GEO3D software
  • Multireceiver control (SpeConMan), sharing among operators, time job management etc.
  • Sending frequency from FScan and MScan GUI to FFMod
  • Support GPS receivers and add position stamps into measurement
  • Multilingual version


SPECON Presentation of scan results FScanFig. 2: Presentation of scan results (FScan)


SPECON Monitoring of one frequency FFModFig. 3: Monitoring of one frequency (FFMod)

SPECON - Spectrum Control SW